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Just Say "No" To Immigrant Bashing

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Roy Beck of Numbers USA recently published an article on his group's website on the murder of Marcello Lucero.  What starts off as a piece against hate quickly turns into a piece explaining that Marcelo's death has nothing to do with his (anti-immigrant) movement while attacking those he calls "pro-illegal-immigrant" supporters.  He also states quite coldly about Lucero's murder:

My guess is that these teenagers are opportunistic thugs who would have found somebody else to beat up if they hadn't had some animus toward Latin Americans.

Yes, and we can also state Lucero wouldn't be dead if he didn't look Mexican.  Just like Luis Ramirez, of Shenandoah, wouldn't be dead if he'd wasn't in the Unites States without permission as was stated by the local anti-migrant group. 

Et Tu Mother Jones?

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I knew FAIR was pushing their anti-immigration views through ads both in print and on television, but I never expected to find one in Mother Jones.

What you notice first is the large image of a bulldozer scrapping through a forest above the caption "One of America's Best Selling Vehicles." For an environmentally conscious person who reads Mother Jones this ad would seem to be right up their ally. Who doesn't want to stop the destruction of forests? However, for those of us with a conscious it'd serve us well to understand who's selling this message and what they're really asking us to do.

The groups pushing this ad are all groups founded by John Tanton better known as The Puppeteer to those familiar with the Southern Poverty Law Center. We know the SPLC considers FAIR a hate group, so why would Mother Jones allow them to spread their hateful message within the pages of this supposedly caring publication? While I don't know how they would answer I do know that FAIR's pro-environmentalist message helps them squeeze into places they normally wouldn't be welcome. takes on this notion that immigrants are responsible for urban sprawl in FAIR Ads Unfairly Blame Immigrants for Urban Sprawl

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