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The following video from We Can Stop the Hate, expresses in clearer terms than anything else I've seen, how leading organizations in the anti-migrant movement have very close ties to hate and white supremacy. 

Even Numbers USA, the organization that tries the hardest to separate race from their discussion of immigration, has ties to white supremacy.  The executive director of Numbers USA, Roy Beck, for a time was the Washington editor of the Social Contract Press, and organization that is proud to publish the racist book, Camp of the Saints.  Here's the video:

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Personal Note: I'm sorry my posting as of late has been mostly videos.  Symsess, with his amazing dedication, though, has been holding down the fort for us. 

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William Gheen, President of ALIPAC, truly is the leader of a national movement.  A movement of two dozen people that is. 

It was May of 2008 when ALIPAC announced the launch of a North Carolina "campaign to thwart illegal aliens and their supporters".  Soon after they bullied a local Charlotte newspaper columnist, Mary Schulken, for writing an article entitled "This Tide of Meanness has to Stop".  All of it building up to a big rally to pressure North Carolina legislators to support a horrific "attrition through enforcement" agenda.  Here's how the rally went:
Lou Dobbs, Bill O'Reilly, Glen Beck, and so many other nativists love to take the few cases where migrants have committed horrific crimes and blow them out of proportion.  Where are they with this story?  Three teens are being indicted for the fatal beating of Aboubacar Camara, and there is silence from the nativists.

There were rumors late this week about nativist Lou Dobbs possibly considering running for governor in New Jersey.  Though the rumors were recently shot down, our friends at America's Voice still decided to go ahead with publishing a mock campaign website for Dobbs asks for people to submit their slogan ideas and try for a free t-shirt.  I thought I'd borrow from the self avowed Minutemen supporter in this picture, and submit, "This is America and our only Lanaguage is English" (sombrero tip to Duke over at The Sanctuary who I got this picture from).  I encourage others to give it a shot, too.
Watch this video (sombrero tip Latina Lista):

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