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Winter Rabbit over at Culture Kitchen just wrote an important post on Native American stereotypes in athletic contests.  Most relevant to this blog is the fact that these stereotypes are especially prevalent in Oklahoma.  I'll transcribe from the video Winter Rabbit embedded to explain:

Stay calm, relax

Greg Siskind brings us word of this horrific story from Hawaii

The mother of a 2-week-old boy said her son would be alive today if they and his traveling nurse hadn't been held up at Honolulu International Airport by customs personnel.

Luaipou Futi of American Samoa spoke through an interpreter during a news conference Tuesday at the offices of the family's attorney, Rick Fried.

Futi's son, Michael Tony, died Friday at the airport after he, Futi and the nurse, Arizona Veavea, were kept in a locked room after flying nearly five hours from American Samoa so the child could be treated for a birth defect, a hole in his heart, Fried said.

Several people emailed me over the last few days and asked me to cover Janet Murguia's half-hour take down of Lou Dobbs on his nightly show.  Murguia of the National Council of La Raza is embarking on a noble campaign to stop Lou Dobbs from "handing hate a microphone" on his nightly show.

I watched it through a link, and I wasn't impressed -- that is until I realized that edited out the most important parts of the exchange in the online video.  At minutes 2:50, 6:42, and 7:50 careful observers will notice a white flashes and jumps.  It wasn't until I watched the youtube videos (1 2 and 3) that I got a completely different impression of the exchange.  Murguia did an excellent job with Lou Dobbs.  It turns out cut out the meat of the Murguia's pro-migrant arguments with its online video editing.  This is unacceptable, and everyone should email regarding these editorial blunders.

In the online video of the exchange, edited out some of the most important indictments of the Minutemen, and the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) along with their connections to hate and vigilantism. also edited out the exchanges quantifying the increase in hate crimes against Latinos, and the few times Lou Dobbs actually says something positive about undocumented migrants. 

A website, We Can Stop the Hate, has been launched to document it all.  Here "The Case" against migrant hate is made through several pdf documents.  I will end this post with all the relevant videos and a transcript of the exchange between Murguia and Dobbs with all of the censored parts bolded.

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