Happy Thanksgiving 2012

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I thought I'd share a little bit of Bob Marley this holiday weekend. I can't think of a better musician to express both the gratitude that has become the core of this U.S. holiday, along with the solemnity of the violence from whence it came.
There is certainly good in spending time with family to give thanks for what we have in our lives. The way migrants to the U.S. of different cultures cheerfully co-opt this holiday with their own flavors shows the potential power and universality of the Thanksgiving holiday.

As is true with so much, though, it is impossible to separate Thanksgiving from the dark history it comes from, particularly what it represents for our indigenous herman@s. I believe that reality shouldn't take away from the thanks we express this holiday or the time we spend with family, it should enhance it.

If you haven't taken time to express gratitude for what you have in your life, yet, please do so. Particularly for those of you in the Americas, take some time to learn about the people who first inhabited the land you're standing on if you don't know enough already. A friend of mine forwarded a piece written by Dennis Zotigh on what Thanksgiving means for American Indians which I recommend reading.

If you're reading, drop a comment on what you're thankful for and what this holiday means for you.

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