Vulture Capitalism Creates 'Illegal Immigration'

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There has been a lot of talk lately about Mitt Romney being the poster child for vulture capitalism. This referring to the practice of opportunistically feeding off of struggling workers, prioritizing making profits for shareholders of big corporations over the creation of good jobs for working families. But what about the effects of vulture capitalism on immigration?   

Spotlighting Romney's business practices of prioritizing making big profits for himself and for his CEO friends above creating good jobs could not be any more timely. This being because Mitt Romney has been demonizing immigrant workers while saying nothing about how vulture capitalism has also been behind the creation of our so-called "illegal immigration problems". Within his virulent anti-immigrant rhetoric, he has gone as far as "proudly" announcing the support for his campaign from the co-author of Arizona's and Alabama's anti-immigrant laws.

Ironically enough, there has also been renewed talk about Mitt Romney's Mexican relatives. This is particularly interesting, given that Mitt Romney's relatives in Mexico, who happen to be Republican, actually disagree with his anti-immigrant rhetoric. As The Washington Post reported:

Mitt's conservative values are widely shared here -- with the possible exception of his views on immigration.

"The Hispanic vote is becoming powerful in the U.S., and I don't think Mitt understands the causes of illegal immigration," said Kelly Romney, another Mexican-born cousin, who lives beside the Mormon temple and whose family raises cattle and chili peppers.

He said Mitt would be wise to eschew the harsh rhetoric against illegal immigrants that is popular among GOP hopefuls, proposing to arrange a meeting for Mitt on the topic with a local Mexican politician and Mormon, Jeffrey Max Jones, who was senator for the state of Chihuahua from 2000 to 2006. Jones lives in the Colonia Dublan home in which Mitt's father was born.

Mitt Romney has been backing himself up into a corner by running a Steve Poizner-type of campaign for some time now, particularly on the DREAM Act. Even other Republicans have been reacting against his 'vulture capitalist ways'. Sadly, it seems that almost no one is really prepared to have a serious discussion about how we can actually keep vulture capitalism from continuing the destruction of the economy of the United States and the economy of other countries. Even more tragic, it seems that for now none of the candidates are prepared to admit that Mitt Romney is NOT the only 'vulture capitalist'. Mitt is only the tip of the iceberg. 

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