The Internet and Migrants Face The Same Enemies: Stop SOPA/PIPA

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"Don't want to eat this SOPA" says, in one of my favorite word plays on legislation currently before Congress, SOPA in the House and PIPA in the Senate, that would sacrifice the free internet to satisfy a few big corporations who make their living off of outdated copyright laws. Today's got to be one of the largest demonstrations the internet has ever seen against something like this, with enormous sites like Wikipedia, Reddit, and Craigslist blacking out and others like Google prominently displaying their opposition and a way to take action.
I don't think my writing on this will make much more of a difference, but for those who haven't acted yet, Latinos for Internet Freedom is directing people to a helpful PIPA whip list. In Massachusetts, I'm surprised Sen. Scott Brown is firmly against it while Sen. John Kerry is on the fence. It's a testament to how scared he's running away from Elizabeth Warren, whom I'm excited to have as our new Senator. My representative, Michael Capuano, is taking the right stand and is against SOPA.

Mostly, though, I wanted to write about how the internet and migrants have many of the same enemies. When sites are shut down, it's Immigration and Customs Enforcement that comes after you. In Congress, you've got nativist Representative in chief Lamar Smith leading the charge to censor the internet, acting as if he knows how it works.

The fact that Lamar Smith is pushing it should be reason enough for pro-migrant people to oppose SOPA. I'm glad he has something else to worry about that doesn't have to do with beating up on migrants, for once. So, if you haven't yet call your Representative in the House to oppose SOPA, and tell your Senators you oppose PIPA.

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