Pro-Migrant SanctuarySphere: Gets A New ED - Arturo Carmona

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I thought I'd begin this morning by resurrecting an old feature that symsess used to produce for Citizen Orange.  Unfortunately, it won't be the comprehensive link round-up that he used to put together, but I did want to put out a little bit of a link potpourri.

First, if you haven't heard,, where I am a Campaign Associate, has a new Executive Director, Arturo Carmona. Jorge Rivas at Color Lines covered the announcement and here's's official press release. After participating in a lengthy interview process, I can truly say that I'm really excited to work under Arturo's leadership, and having him on full-time this new year has already made a huge difference.

Second, Amalia Deloney of Latinos for Internet Freedom has a great post on why Latin@s should oppose SOPA/PIPA that's adds to my post on why migrants should oppose SOPA/PIPA.

Finally, Crooks and Liars published my post on Scott Douglas's interview on the Colbert Report, where he effectively states his opposition to Alabama's HB 56, the nation's worst statewide immigration law. Thanks to John Amato and the rest of the C&L team for continuing to be supportive of my pro-migrant blogging.

Happy Thursday everyone!

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