Osio Kyle Dawado: This is America, Learn to Speak Cherokee :)

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A new take on the language wars that frequently infect the immigration debate:

(Sombrero tip to Juan at dreamactivist.org)

I don't know if yet another take on the hypocrisy of mostly European migrants telling mostly Latino migrants to keep out will convince any nativists, but I find it funny nonetheless, and learned a little bit of Cherokee in the process.

If you don't want me to ruin the fun, stop reading here, but this also touches on a post I wrote earlier this week about the complexity of comparing one movement to another and about how the people best placed to do so are those who belong to both movements.
In the U.S. indigenous people tend to be spoken about as if they are in the past, almost nonexistent. Yes, the Cherokee Nation is still alive and well, and we invoke that name in vain at our own peril.

I can't speak to Cherokee struggles, but I do know that there is a strong indigenous undercurrent in the pro-migrant movement. I come from a nation, Guatemala, that by some counts is majority indigenous, and a majority of the population certain has indigenous ancestry. Some would argue that people of indigenous ancestry who migrate into the U.S., or had the U.S. border migrate over them, have just as much a claim to be hear as everyone else does.

Again these are issues I can't fully speak to, I just bring them up to soften the blow of using the history of indigenous peoples to make a cheap political point.

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