Migrant Youth Civil Disobedience Takes A Turn

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Led by the newly formed National Immigrant Youth Alliance, undocumented youth have continued to step up their efforts at civil disobedience. I haven't been as directly involved as I would have liked but even from afar it's clear that it hasn't been easy. Still I can't help but feel that the recent civil disobedience in Charlotte, North Carolina, just took a different turn. Read Domenic Powell's post of the NC DREAM Team over at dreamactivist.org:

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department was forceful, frequently pushing people, including non-participants and reporters. They also arrested Mohammad Abdollahi, Isabel Castillo and Viridiana Martinez, undocumented activists from Michigan, Virginia and North Carolina, respectively. Along with them, the police also arrested two paramedics. Other activists were picked off from the crowd for unknown reasons.
Domenic Powell - dreamactivist.org (6 September 2011)
Again, I can't say that I've followed or been present at every migrant youth civil disobedience but it's been my general impression that police are usually more deferential to migrant youth than was the case yesterday, in Charlotte, when it appears that they arrested people indiscriminately. This civil disobedience, of course, took place on the same day that the Democratic National Convention was announced to be a year away by Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the chair of the DNC, and other local officials from Charlotte.

I'll leave you with Domenic Powell who speaks the truth with an unfettered tongue:
We are here, in Charlotte, NC, to send the Democrats a message: if you are not with us, you are against us. President Obama has deported more immigrants than President Eisenhower under Operation Wetback. While Democrats have been quick to blame Republicans for their anti-immigrant posturing, Democrats have been just as bad by encouraging the expansion of federal programs that round up ourselves and our families. The ephemeral, temporary relaxations in deportations of undocumented youth do nothing to address the deeper issues of college access, racial profiling and dragnet programs like 287(g) and Secure Communities.

Undocumented youth have no political ally. In North Carolina, a Republican tried to stop grade school students from attending school, but a Democratic governor supported stopping them from going to college. A Democrat who supported "comprehensive immigration reform" voted against the DREAM Act in the Senate. Any administration that opposes us stands in the way of justice. To those who say that we should accept the "lesser of two evils" has forgotten that the cause of justice belongs only to those who demand it.
Domenic Powell - dreamactivist.org (6 September 2011)

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