"Carwasheros" Organizing in Los Angeles

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Check out the latest from Cuentame:

It's this sort of local organizing that easily makes California one of the most pro-migrant states in the Union, in addition to being the most populous one. This also brings to mind some of the great organizing going on in San Francisco with 67 Sueños, which I hope to write more about soon, primero Dios.

Separately these sorts of efforts might seem insignificant in the face of the massive deportation machine that the Obama administration has set up, but all together they are what make the migrant rights movement one of the most vibrant and active social movements in the U.S. today. There's something amazing about being able to go almost anywhere in the U.S. and find people in solidarity with the work I'm doing.
I use to delude myself into thinking that these sorts of efforts weren't worth my time if they didn't contribute to larger change. It's certainly important to think systemically and to try to incorporate local efforts into national and global trends, but if I had to choose the effectiveness of one over the other, which no one should, I would certainly say that you're more likely to get significant things done in your neighborhood then you are trying to wrap your head around , much less make change around, global and national developments.

That reminds me: Ask California Governor Jerry Brown to pass the California DREAM Act and the Fair Treatment for Farm Workers Act if you haven't done so, yet. The second link is to a Presente.org petition that I helped write up.

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