Well, So Much For Relief: Obama Admin Confirms It Will Still Deport 400,000 A Year

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I just came across a radio segment by the talented María Hinojosa at NPR's Latino USA where she interviewed Luis Miranda, Director of Hispanic Media at the White House. Mr. Miranda confirmed my worst fears about the Obama administration announcement that it would review the deportations of the 300,000 people who are currently in proceedings. He said the following to Ms. Hinojosa:
Luis Miranda: The expectation is, we'll continue to see deportation numbers at similar rates because that's what they are based on Congressional funding.


Maria Hinojosa: Luis, but can you really say that this White House has prioritized it's resources when now the number that is carried by President Obama is the fact that he has deported more immigrants than any other President in U.S. History?

Mr. Miranda: And you know it's such a misleading number because it is really a factor of congressional funding for this. So any President who would have come in would have had a similar number of deportations.


Ms. Hinojosa: So the Obama administration, at this point, will continue to reach that number of a 400,000 deportation per year

Mr. Miranda: Well we don't have a specific quota, but the funding from Congress is going to put any President in that range.
Latino USA (26 August 2011)

Well, I can't say that I had any expectations that the Obama administration would provide migrant communities with any real relief, but I know a lot of other people that did and this will certainly let them down. I can say that I thought the Obama administration would be smarter about covering up it's continued lies to our communities for a few more months.

The Obama administration unveiled their new policy a week and a half ago to much fanfare and anti-migrant hysteria. Katherine Archuleta, the Political Director of the Obama campaign even sent out a fundraiser email about it.

Now we know that not only is the Obama administration not going to give our communities any real relief, but they're going to continue to push harmful programs like S-Comm, which turn our local police into an arm of immigration enforcement. The worst part of it all is how they're building their increased violence against our communities on a foundation of lies.

It's a lie to pass the entire blame onto Congress for the increased deportations. Did the Obama administration ever suggest reducing funding to immigration enforcement as the government is increasingly pressed for resources? No. Also, what law did Congress pass which says that increased funding automatically equals increased deportations?

It's now clear that the Obama administration didn't do so much with deportation proceedings so much as shuffle the deck. An undocumented student might get her deportation stopped but it will likely be at the expense of an undocumented mother pulled over for a broken tail light, or some other minor offense or immigration violation.

I also confirmed with Douglas Rivlin, Press Secretary for Rep. Luis Gutierrez, that the Obama administration will still be deporting people at the rate of 400,000 a year. He writes speaking for himself not Rep. Gutierrez:

I suspect the answer is almost certainly "yes," but that a lower percentage will be non-criminals (by some definitions of the term).
Douglas Rivlin - Email (19 August 2011)

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