To Richard Fausset of the LA Times, WTH Is An "Illegal Grandmother"?

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If there's any illustration of why journalists need to Drop The I-Word, it's breaches of journalistic responsibility like this:

Day and night, his cabs zoom past Gainesville's churches and small factories and fast-food joints. They shuttle illegal grandmothers to supermarkets, illegal mothers and children to doctor's visits, and illegal workers to jobs, many of them in the polleras, or chicken plants, that earned this city the nickname Poultry Capital of the World.
Richard Fausset - Los Angeles Times (11 August 2011)

Fausset's irresponsible scribbles bring to mind the time when Emily Bazar of USA Today referred to migrant youth as "illegal students" and then retracted it after Prerna Lal started a petition against them through The term "illegal immigrant" itself is both dehumanizing and inaccurate, but this is made all the more clear when journalists push the boundaries of that harmful terminology.

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