Howie Carr Airs Joke About Shooting Migrants While Belittling Hurricane That Causes 10 Deaths in CT

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Howie Carr is at it again, but this time he's gone overboard.  He spent most of his show on Friday joking about Hurricane Irene and bashing "illegals." At one point, he aired a pre-recorded message from one of his listeners asking "Is it illegal to shoot an illegal with my illegal gun?" or something to that effect. I heard it on my drive home on Friday, but have not been able to find the audio elsewhere.

You'd think after the 10th person was declared dead in Connecticut as a result of Hurricane Irene, a state where his show is aired, he'd show a little bit of humility, but no he was at it again in the Boston Herald over the weekend.

I have a longer piece about this that I just wrote up and am trying to publish, but I thought people should know this as soon as possible, especially as his writings gain national traction.

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