Wow, Boston Independence Day Violence Approached Guatemala City Levels

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While Boston is starting to feel the pressure for surrendering local police resources to enforce federal immigration law through the [In]Secure Communities program, the city is reeling from a violent 4th of July.

A dark part of me shuts out the violence around me in Boston by comparing it to my home of Guatemala City, where at least a dozen people are murdered a day. With 4 dead and 15 wounded on the 4th of July, adjusting for the differences in population, Boston came close to approaching those levels over the weekend.

Though I can't say I'm deeply involved, I have a lot of admiration for local organizers in Boston trying to prevent violence. I was particularly moved by listening to Tina Chéry of Louis D. Brown Peace Institute on Radio Boston, yesterday, who's in the video above. Her son was killed and she's honored him through almost two decades of peace activism. "Peace is possible," she said on Radio Boston, yesterday, something that speaks to me personally just as it should speak to governments engaged in endless war.

Aside from the symbolism of all this violence happening on Independence Day, there's a lot of truth that spoke to me over the weekend. Life is precious and I should feel the loss of a life on the streets of Boston as deeply as I feel the loss of a life on the streets of Guatemala. Peace is a practice and it starts in our own hearts.

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