Pro-Migrant SanctuarySphere: While The Local Fight Against S-Comm Rages On

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It's been a long while since Citizen Orange has done one of these, but I thought I'd resurrect this feature in honor of our old blogger symsess, and also in acknowledgment of the fact that while I continue to hammer away at S-Comm in Boston, there's lot's of other really important things going on:
The California DREAM Act is coming up for some key votes. Help them out at

The Obama administration is deporting another DREAMer, Mercedes Gonzalez, head over to United We DREAM's website, End Our Pain, and help stop her deportation.

Alberto Yañez, who I briefly covered on Citizen Orange, was recently issued a stay of deportation according to America's Voice. . Another victory for the migrant youth movement though I have to say that it's ridiculous that we still have to continue to fight these cases one-by-one.

Mónica Novoa at ColorLines (who is also leading the important Drop The I-Word campaign) tells the story of U.S. Rep. Hansen Clark (D-Michigan-13) who recently came out as the son of an unauthorized migrant. Tell the Detroit Free Press reporter, Niraj Warikoo (, that Rep. Clark came out as the son of an undocumented migrant, not an "illegal" one.

Elisa Batista at MotherTalkers and Julianne Hing at ColorLines both covered Michelle Rhee's recent support for the DREAM Act. Rhee used to be the chancellor of Washington D.C. schools and had a very controversial tenure. I always appreciate new pro-migrant allies, but Julianne Hing is right on, as usual, regarding the problems with conceding the wrongdoing of unauthorized migrant parents in pushing for youth. Michelle Rhee also really awkwardly used the i-word in her ABC News roundtable with Jose Antonio Vargas, and I'd encourage people to tweet her (@m_rhee) to ask her to #droptheiword. She might have already dropped it in her following pieces on the DREAM Act for her organization Students First and for the Huffington Post.

If Barack Obama is the number one enemy of migrant communities then U.S. Rep Lamar Smith (R-TX-21) in the House of Representatives might be enemy number two. He's pushing E-Verify, or E-Scarify, which dangerously could pass, and the New York Times recently called him out for his hypocrisy in going after the discretion of the federal government when it comes to where it deploys it's resources to deport people, a reversal of his position from 1999.

Multi-American has a great post up on the racial implications of the broad coverage of the death of Caylee Anthony's in comparison with the death of Brisenia Flores.

At Gozamos author Reyna Jacqueline Peña fights nativist Mark Krikorian with the most potent weapon we have against his hate--humor.

That's it for now. I'll try to do this more often.

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