Going On Nightside With Dan Rea Tonight at 9 p.m. To Talk About S-Comm

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If you're coming to this post through listening to Nightside, tonight, and you want Secure Communities out of Boston, make sure you sign these petitions:

Sign the petition against S-Comm at change.org
Sign the petition against S-Comm at presente.org
Jackie Mahendra at change.org is the person who got us the press hit, and I'll be going on with Gloribell Mota the lead organizer of Neighbors United for a Better East Boston, so I'll definitely be reppin' both of them.
I've heard Dan Rea, before, the well connected Boston journalist who hosts the show, but I've been paying special attention to him over the last week. He seems like a courteous and reasonable guy. I think his support for the Bottle Bill in Massachusetts exemplifies that.

Unfortunately, Rea is not on the side of our communities when it comes to S-Comm, as well as in-state tuition and driver's licenses. He also very firmly uses the i-word in his reporting on immigration.

Going on his show might be a complete disaster but from the interviews I've heard him do, he's definitely no Howie Carr, our resident migrant basher here in Massachusetts. I think he'll give us a fair shake, and give us a chance to reach folks that we haven't had a chance to reach before.  If you've got time this Friday night, listen in at 9 p.m., and call in at 617-254-1030 to support us.

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