End It Now: Boston S-Comm Puts DREAMer, Lizandra DeMoura, in Deportation Proceedings

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ACTION: Please sign the above change.org petition, now.

Maria Sacchetti's article in the Boston Sunday Globe has me shaking with rage. She's been able to do as a reporter what we've been unable to do as advocates, which is to publicly bring to light specific cases of people in our communities who have been ensnared by ICE's [In]Secure Communities Program (S-Comm).

What has me shaking with rage an unable to even focus on the rest on the article is the fact that the irresponsibility of Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis and the Boston Police Department has allowed Immigration and Customs Enforcement to ensare a DREAMer, Lizandra DeMoura, in their deportation machinery. If Maria Sacchetti hadn't brought this case to light, DeMoura might have been deported without any of us knowing about it.

I don't know what else the Boston Police Department needs to know about S-Comm. They need to stand against the program, now. They've already irrevocably broken the trust of migrant communities throughout Boston by enrolling in this program in 2006 and not making that public until 2010. The more time that Boston delays standing against this program, the more time we have to organize against it, and the more difficult it will be for migrant communities to regain their trust with the police. It's time for Boston to stand against the program, now. I just started up a change.org petition targeted at some of the right people. Please sign it, now.

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