Eight More Deportations To Stop: Mathe-Karekezi Family, Marcelo, Mauro, and Marlon

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Part of the reason I'm not as good at blogging as I used to be is not only because I'm spending more of my time off the computer and on the streets, it's also because the amount of pro-migrant information I'm taking in has exponentially increased and it's easy to become overwhelmed. With very little movement happening nationally, though, and the fights returning to the local level where there's really shoddy media coverage, it's important that I we all do our part to produce media that changes the conversation about migration in the U.S. and around the world.

I don't think it's possible to understand the amount of violence that is being done to our communities through the mass detention and deportation machine that the Obama administration has constructed. A single mind just cannot comprehend the amount of damage that 400,000 deportations a year does to families and communities. I'm hoping that by communicating the stories of a tiny fraction of people that are getting deported through the public deportations that people are trying to stop that together we can try and move towards understanding.
I've already written about Alberto Yañez and Mercedes Gonzalez. Please sign Mercedes' petition if you haven't done so, yet.

Today, I'd like to ask folks to sign a petition for the Mathe-Karekezi Family, too. Hope Mathe-Karekezi tells their story in the video, above. Dreamactivist.org, which perfected the model for stopping deportations nationally, has been telling horrible stories of ICE threatening to drug and deport her son Andy Mathe.

Dreamactivist.org is also asking people to stop the deportation of Marcelo Castañeda Llamas. Please sign that petition, too, if you haven't yet.

Finally, in addition to stopping the deportation of Mercedes Gonzalez, United We Dream is trying to stop the deportations of Mauro and Marlon Arboleda. Please sign that petition, too.

Go to the petitions. Take in the each of their stories. If the only thing you have time for is to sign a petition, do it, but I hope folks realize that's not nearly enough. If you're not among a local community that has to deal with the violence of the immigration system, try to find one near you. It's only then that you'll deeply fear these stories and hopefully at some point be ready to lay your soul on the line to stop their deportations. If you're in the middle of nowhere and don't have a migrant community near you, email me, and I can get you involved with some of these communities online and if you're active enough maybe even bring you out to meet some of us.

To recap:

If all you can do is sign the petition, thank you, but I would encourage you to get involved further because that's where the real victories and real rewards are.

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