Boston Police's Ed Davis Calls John Morton 'Cavalier,' 'Dismissive'

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The Boston Globe is really bringing the fire against the federal [In]Secure Communities program (S-Comm). Following Maria Sacchetti's article highlighting the abuses of S-Comm, Adrian Walker came out with a column condemning the program, the editorial board wrote against the program, and now Lawrence Harmon has a piece against the program.

Most surprising to me was the harsh public comments Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis had for John Morton. Davis is really changing his tune on S-Comm and deserves credit for doing so. Harmon quotes Davis saying Morton was "cavalier," and "dismissive." From what I've heard from folks who've interacted with Morton, that seems pretty accurate.
Morton visited Boston last Thursday midway through his tour to Illinois, Massachusetts, and New York, all states that have rebuked S-Comm. We weren't as organized here in Massachusetts as they were in New York and Illinois, but there was a lot I learned from advocates who attended the meeting.

Morton talked almost for a full hour flanked by an entourage, only allowing advocates 20 minutes to ask questions, much less express concerns with the program. Most instructive to me was how married Department of Homeland Security officials are to deporting 400,000 migrants a year, and where they get that number from. Morton sees that number as a mandate from Congress attributable to the amount of money Congress appropriates for ICE in the budget. In other words, the more money that ICE gets from Congress, the more people they feel they are required to deport every year.

That's instructive for pro-migrant advocates, organizers and bloggers. We have to watch yearly appropriations very closely because an increase in funding to ICE is directly tied to more violence being done to our communities, according to Morton. I know I've raised objections to increased funding for enforcement, privately, before, but you can bet that I'll be a lot more public the next time I see it happen. This also makes me confident in my call for Janet Napolitano and John Morton to resign before I even consider encouraging pro-migrant voters to cast a vote for Barack Obama.

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