Senate Votes To End Ethanol Subsidies 73-27

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Good news.  Following my post on ethanol subsidies, the Senate voted to end them by a vote of 73-27. Most surprising to me is the anti-migrant vote that Senators Richard Durbin (D-IL) and Al Franken (D-MN) took on this one. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, whom I mentioned in my post, thankfully took the right stance on this one. It's difficult to say whether or not ethanol subsidies will actually end, but I'll be watching closely and I encourage you to, as well.

The media has also been doing a little bit of of a better job covering how this affects rising food prices. Megan Woolhouse at the Boston Globe has a decent article on how ethanol subsidies affect the cost of ice cream. It almost seems like a joke, though, that people are talking about ice cream prices then about how this is starving the majority world. Such is the systemic violence of the world we live in.

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