WTH is ICE Doing? More Proof Janet Napolitano Should Resign

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I was hoping Julia Preston's latest New York Times piece would provide some light at the end of the tunnel of this mess that the Obama administration has gotten us into.  Instead, it's left me scratching my head even more.  Now, I'm even more certain of my call for Janet Napolitano to resign.  

Preston contrasts the treatment of Olga Zanella who has been fighting her deportation for over two years in Texas, with ICE officials in Central Florida who are doing the following:

ICE officials in central Florida recently invited immigration lawyers to bring forward illegal immigrants facing deportation who did not have criminal records, offering provisional authorization for them to remain here and work legally.
Julia Preston - New York Times (26 April 2011)

It's the first I've heard of this, and at first glance, it's the most reasonable thing I've heard of ICE doing in a long while. I'll reach out to some of the contacts I have in Florida and give them a chance to confirm and respond.

However, the take away from Preston's piece isn't so much that ICE is doing something reasonable, but how much of a mess it is. Gregory Chen at AILA takes it home:
But nationwide the administration's deportations policy remains confused and erratically implemented, immigration lawyers said, with many students and immigrants without criminal records being deported.

"The administration needs to make it clear to the public and to the rank and file within ICE that it has a firm and clear policy of enforcing the law within its priorities and discouraging going after cases that are not within its priorities," said Gregory Chen, director of advocacy for the American Immigration Lawyers Association. "But that is just not happening consistently."
Julia Preston - New York Times (26 April 2011)

It's been two years since Janet Napolitano and John Morton took over and this is the mess they're still running over there? We have to erratically stop deportations one-by-one while ICE agents chase after kids in elementary schools? This isn't a game. Real people's lives are at stake, here. If this is what Janet Napolitano and John Morton have to show for two years of running this mess then it's time for them to go.

I agree with my co-blogger, Dave. Obama is the one who bears ultimate responsibility for this mess. I'm just calling out Napolitano in hopes of not painting myself into a corner. I'm trying everything I can to give Obama an out, but it won't be long before I deny him even that.

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