Profiles in Pro-Migrant Courage: Denver Mayoral Candidate Chris Romer

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(Sombrero tip to Scott Kersgaard at the Colorado Independent)

It's a rare politician that's willing to lose an election over justice for unauthorized migrants.  Denver mayoral candidate Chris Romer deserves to be praised for taking a stand for migrant youth.  
Even putting it that way is part of the problem.  We all suffer when people in our communities are oppressed.  If we deny migrant youth an education, we are condemning ourselves to a darker world.  If we deny migrant families access to health care health care, we are increasing the likelyhood that we will get sick ourselves.  If we deny migrant workers legal status and the right to organize, all of our wages go down.  

Sometimes it's hard for politicians to take a stand for the universal truth that injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere, which is why it's important that we support politicians who say they are wiling to lose an election over it.  

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