Before This Pro-Migrant Voter Will Support Barack Obama

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Janet Napolitano has to go.  Her comments to the San Francisco Chronicle Editorial Board are the last straw.  The Secure Communities program is easily the greatest threat to migrant communities around the nation, today.  

For those not following closely, Secure Communities will turn every local cop into a border patrol agent.  Everyone police arrest will be checked for their immigration status.  Remember the millions of pro-migrant people that marched on the streets in 2006 in opposition to the U.S. House passing H.R. 4437?  This is the sort of criminalization of migrant communities we opposed.  Remember the nationwide boycott against Arizona's S.B. 1070?  These are the sorts of expanded police powers with the potential for racial profiling that we were concerned about.

The only real difference between Secure Communities, H.R. 4437, and S.B. 1070, is that Secure Communities is not a law being debated in Congress or a State House.  Secure Communities federal program that is being imposed upon us by the Obama administration completely against the will of our local elected officials.  Janet Napolitano has now made that clear and that is why she has to go.      
While I'm listing conditions on my support for Barack Obama, why don't I go all out.  Maybe John Morton head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement should go to.  Why don't I throw in Cecilia Muñoz, Director of Intergovernmental Affairs at the White House, too.  I might be assuaged by the resignation of Janet Napolitano, but the fact of the matter is that Napolitano, Morton, and Muñoz have presided over the greatest escalation of violence against migrant communities in the history of the planet.  When Janet Napolitano can numbers out as nonchalantly as this:

Let's assume we have 11 million people in the country illegally. If Congress can provide enough enforcement funding to remove perhaps 400,000 of them annually. How are we going to set those priorities? One big priority is who is violating criminal laws.
Janet Napolitano - San Francisco Chronicle (26 April 2011)

The 400,000 people you're talking about, Napolitano, aren't just "them." They're our family members, neighbors, peers and friends.  Napolitano, Morton, and Muñoz were supposed to represent us in the White House.  Instead, they're not only presiding over the most massive system of deportation, detention, and terrorization of migrants that has ever been known to humankind, they are expanding it and bragging about it.  Anytime we try to raise a fuss about it, we're dismissed or silenced

Napolitano resigning won't be enough for me to support Barack Obama either.  The Obama administration will have to immediately stop the implementation of enforcement programs like Secure Communities and 287(g), and will have to provide widespread administrative relief to migrant communities.  I think we've got the makings of a 3-point plan for Barack Obama to appeal to pro-migrant voters, here:

    1. The resignation of members of the Obama administration responsible for doing unprecedented violence to our communities
    2. The immediate halting of the federal programs used to impose that violence like Secure Communities and 287(g)
    3. Widespread administrative relief for migrant communities with a particular emphasis on those with strong ties to our communities, like DREAMers, migrants who have been in the country for over a decade, and those with U.S. citizen family members
Am, I asking for too much?  Maybe, but that's only because the Obama administration has done us so much harm.  Obama and his allies will try and do everything they can to point their fingers at nativist bogeymen before they'll lift a finger for us.  The fact of the matter is, though, that it is not nativists who are carrying out this violence on our communities it is the Obama administration.  Even seven-year-olds like Daisy Cuevas understand that.  

Before Obama loyalists toss me aside as an unrealistic nothing, understand that I am completely open to supporting a pro-migrant Republican or third party candidate for President, and will encourage the many in the pro-migrant community who respect me to do so, too.  In fact, if the last two years are any indication, a pro-migrant Republican president might do more to reform our immigration system then Obama ever did.  It is time for Obama to put up or shut up, or he will have a lot of trouble getting the pro-migrant vote in 2012.  

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