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The founder of the Project Economic Refugee blog joins Citizen Orange as its newest writer.  Meet Refugio "Reg", a Mexican-American blogger from Los Angeles, California who fights for environmental justice by day and for immigrants' rights by night.
Hello Citizen Orange world!  My name is Refugio "Reg" and I'm the new addition to the Citizen Orange blogging team.  I was invited to join the team by kyledeb, who you could say was the one that "discovered" me online and invited me to get plugged into the larger promigrant blogosphere.

Some of you may recognize me from Project Economic Refugee, which is a blog I started to humanize the way we talk about immigration policy.  As a regular contributor to Citizen Orange, I'll be bringing original pieces to this site similar to the ones that will continue to be published on my project, but with more of an emphasis regarding topics having to do with how immigration policy issues tie into other fields such as foreign policy and the environment (environmental justice issues are definitely my passion).  

A little about me: I was born and raised in Mexico, in the state of Guanajuato.  My family's ties to the immigration experience go back to the times of building railroads in Kansas in the early 1900's, as my Grandmother's parents were immigrant workers for a while before they headed back to Mexico.  I'm told by my family that there's been relatives of mine that have had an aptitude for being immigrant rights activists long before I was even born so who knows maybe doing this activist blogging thing is just in my blood already.

Anyway, I'm based in Los Angeles, so if you're a local of Southern California please do feel free to reach out to me in person; I always love to have meetings of the mind.  If you're not a SoCal person, no matter: I'm a community oriented guy, so the more interaction and input I have from you, the better writer I can become.  I look forward to getting to know the readers of Citizen Orange and my hope is that together, we'll empower each other to turn our passionate words into positive change!

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