Obama Still Deporting DREAMers: Help Stop Deportation of Pedro Gutierrez

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Via Dreamactivist.org, please take action to stop ICE from deporting Dreamer Pedro Gutierrez:

1. Send a fax asking for his deportation to be delayed! (Thanks to America's Voice for their staunch support of Dreamers.)

2. Sign the petition urging members to step in and stop his deportation.

3. Make 5 calls for Pedro

Despite President Obama's expressions of support for Dreamers, under his supervision, ICE continues to deport Dreamers every single day. Until President Obama takes administrative action to defer the deportation of Dreamers in removal proceedings, his words of support remain just that: words.

At this moment, President Obama is the single person whose actions most directly negatively affect Dreamers, and he is also the single person with the most power to stop these deportations. He can only continue to say one thing and do another as long as he is not called out on this hypocrisy.

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