Immigrant Rights Petition Roundup

| | Comments ()'s Immigrant Rights page is a good source of information and a portal for taking action through targeted online petitions. (Disclosure: I used to blog there.) Petitions are no substitute for other types of offline action, but I have seen their effectiveness in leveraging other forms of support in deportation defense cases. Targeted petitions can bring visibility to individual cases that otherwise would be swept under the rug by the Obama administration. I speculate that they might also be a type of "gateway" activism, informing and engaging participants who are then more likely to pick up the phone to call legislators, attend rallies, and meet like-minded people offline.

With that in mind, here are three recent immigrant rights petitions on If you would like to add your voice to those who have already signed, jump on in:

Ask President Obama to save Florinda and halt ICE's "Secure Communities" program.
Florinda is the mother of U.S. citizen children, and is at risk of deportation because of the notorious "Secure Communities" program. "Secure Communities" puts local police at work enforcing immigration law - misusing local resources and undermining of community/police relations. U.S. citizens, babies and kids are separated from their parents and family members because of "Secure Communities."


My boyfriend was brought to the U.S at 3months old by his father, he is now 19yrs old and has been here all his life, his dad was going to help get his legal status but his dad passed away when he was 4years old and his grandma who had legal status had a petiton set up for him and other grand kids to get their legal status but during the process she died and they canceled everything. He was currently attending school to get his diploma, he was riding his bike home to get clothes to go camping with us and got stopped for riding without a light, now hes been in jail for almost 2 months on no charges, hes never been in trouble. In a second his life changed, he didnt ask to be brought here. Everyday he is calling us crying so scared that he will get deported to a country hes never been to and has no family or place to live.

Don't Hold Tucson's School District Hostage For Teaching Hispanic Heritage

The Tucson school board, student activists, Ethnic Studies teachers and educators agree -- the Ethnic Studies program is a great asset to students in Arizona. Tell the state's Superintendent of Public Instruction and the State Board of Education to overturn Horne's ruling and keep this valuable program running.

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