Citizen Orange Comments Are Down

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Citizen Orange was down for a couple of hours tonight after the Movable Type script "mt-comments.cgi", which is what makes the comments run here caused undue strain on the server that hosts Citizen Orange.  This is the second time something like this has happened to Citizen Orange.  The first time there was a problem with the Search script, which is why you'll notice the search box on the right doesn't work. 

Bluehost, as always, was very helpful and understanding in helping me to deal with problem, especially since I'm not as technologically saavy as I should be.  They told me what was wrong and for now I just basically deleted the "mt-comments.cgi" script, and will leave it that way until I can figure out a more permanent solution.  I don't believe this is a political attack on Citizen Orange, it's the just the result of a bunch of spam bots overloading the outdated Movable Type installation I have here. 

I've put the maintenance and updating of Citizen Orange off for much too long while focusing on the DREAM Act.  I'm going to be speaking with my co-blogger Dave, shortly, about the best strategy for Citizen Orange moving forward so that we can inject some much needed capital into getting this site up to date.  In the meantime, if you know of any Movable Type experts that can get the comments up and running on Citizen Orange again as a temporary fix, I'd appreciate the help. 

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