Happy New Year from Citizen Orange

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If you haven't noticed, my co-blogger, David Bennion, has been blogging up a storm during the holidays.  I haven't seen him this active since he was at change.org, and I don't know if I've ever seen him this on point.  That's saying a lot for Dave.

I started blogging after the DREAM Act vote, but ended up taking more time for my family as the holidays approached and for the next week I'll try to completely disconnect myself from a computer as I spend time, as our family has done for generations, now, in the Bay Islands of Honduras.  On January 5, 2011, I should be back and more ready then ever to use this space to make change.
I've said that before and failed, but I have good reason to believe it's true this time.  Over the last couple years, I've lost faith in the ability of media to change people's minds in any significant way.  Especially in as fragmented a media environment as the present day, I find that people tend to consume what fits their worldview more than anything else. 

More and more I've come to believe that real change is made person-to-person.  I was attracted to social media initially, I believe, because it feels like you can have an impact on a much larger scale.  Time and time again though, I've seen how changing a single person's heart person-to-person has more of an impact then ten thousand pro-migrant views on this blog, which I've been able to achieve on a daily basis, would ever have.

That doesn't mean pro-migrant media is irrelevant, of course.  It remains a invaluable medium to speak straight to the pro-migrant base, and to hold pro-migrant leaders accountable.  It's a good way to call in the masses when you need support on the ground.  Most importantly, though, and this is the reason I believe I will be committed to blogging in the New Year, it has the potential to be a medium to introduce new pro-migrant ideas into the public discourse.  I don't believe we have the reach and power to do that yet, but I will certainly try in the coming year.  With the defeat of the DREAM Act, and nothing pro-migrant likely to happen in Congress for at least the next two years, there's no better time to start trying out some new ideas.

When I return, I'll start working on updating this outdated blog, speaking to the pro-migrant base, holding pro-migrant leaders accountable, and try to introduce new ideas in the coming year.  I might also try to recruit some fresh faces onto this page.  In the meantime, I leave Citizen Orange in the very capable hands of Dave for as long as he is able to keep the pace he's been writing at up.  Stay well, everyone, and have a Happy New Year.

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janna Author Profile Page said:

Happy New Year to you Kyle! Your hopefulness is contagious :) here's to turning the tide toward compassion in the coming year!

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

Thanks Janna! Always good hearing from you!

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