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I've been away from blogging since the vote.  Sometimes a break is necessary for me.  There only so much energy that my soul can put out in the world for all the world before I have to recenter myself.  I put everything I had into that vote and, with no regrets, I'm paying for it now.   

The consequence of putting myself out there in an unsustainable way is that I've neglected my responsibilities since then, specifically to move people to get out and vote for the 2010 elections. 

That's the beauty of being part of a movement, though.  No one person makes or breaks an effort.  While I've stepped away, United We Dream, the United States Student Association, the Generational Alliance, and Voto Latino have launched an unprecedented effort to get U.S. citizens to vote on behalf of migrant youth through Vote for Me has been putting out voters guides ever since.

Getting as many pro-migrant people as we can to vote in the midterm elections on Nov. 2 is the best chance we have at showing Congress that they will have to act for us.

I share a lot of the frustrations that others have with both Democrats and Republicans for tearing our communities apart. Make no mistake. Democrats have had control of almost all the levers of power in government and they deserve the lion's share of the blame for ramped up enforcement and record breaking deportations in recent times. I save special ire for the Obama administration whom I hold directly responsible for the increased targetting of my friends, family, and community members.

Still, as much as the Obama administration is responsible for targeting our communities, Barack Obama is not on the ballot. That's a fact. The midterm elections are local elections, affecting our states and localities more than anything else. We will always be able to have the most impact in our local communities. 

We can't allow the violence that politicians have done to us to force us into fear, apathy, or disgust. It might feel good to wash our hands of this mess of a political system so we don't have to be a part of this ugliness. I know I've done it before. The fact is, though that the only way to get politicians to do what you want them to do is through votes. You can't pull away from participating and engaging in the elections if you have any feelings whatsoever about what politicians should be doing. If you're tired of all the lies and broken promises, just remember this: in politics there is no truth only power. Our power is our votes.  

So if you haven't, yet, take some time to educate yourself about your local candidates. The more local the better. I will be putting out pro-migrant voters guides for Massachusetts and Maine shortly.  If you can vote, educate yourself on how to do that.  The earlier the better.  If you can't vote make sure you let you're U.S. citizen friends know just how much is riding on this election for you.

If the pro-migrant vote stays home on Nov. 2, 2010, we've got no chance at getting any sort of pro-migrant legislation passed for what will likely be at least two years. I can't say it enough. Vote and encourage others to do the same.  Millions of people are depending on you for their emancipation. 

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