The New York Times on the Migrant Youth Movement and the DREAM Act

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I'll write more later, but in the meantime I thought I'd highlight a few quotes from Julia Preston at the New York Times on the migrant youth movement:

Senator Reid's announcement fell like a lightning bolt on immigrant student groups across the country, which have been in high gear all year demanding that the Democrats move separately on the bill tailored to benefit them, known by its supporters as the Dream Act. In the first major test of their ability to mobilize, on Thursday they began a campaign of protests across the country and telephone calls to lawmakers.


The first showdown on the student bill will come in a procedural vote on Tuesday. Whatever the outcome, the Democrats have seen some political gain. The effort brought new unity for the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, the immigrants' rights movement and leaders of the immigrant students, who have not always agreed on whether to push for the student bill as a separate measure.

The vote gives the student movement a chance to show its muscle. Unlike other illegal immigrants, the students have become increasingly willing to protest publicly despite the risks.

"Our people will remember in November," said Carlos Saavedra, a Latino leader of the immigrant student movement. "They will be ready to reward or to punish."
Julia Preston - New York Times (16 September 2010)
All eyes are on the migrant youth movement.  History is being written as I write these words, and victory is the only outcome because we are on the side of justice. 

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