Somos Republicans Writes To Harry Reid Endorsing the DREAM Act

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DeeDee Blase the founder of Somos Republicanos has written a letter to Harry Reid endorsing the DREAM Act

Dear Senator Reid:

I would like to thank you for bringing attention to the DREAM Act/Department of Defense amendment, specifically as it relates to tens of thousands of highly qualified young people who would be able to enlist into the Armed Forces if the DREAM Act becomes law.
As a female veteran of the United States Air Force, I believe that the undocumented who volunteer to serve our country honorably should be given a path towards citizenship.  Throughout my military career, I have met and had the honor of serving with fellow Hispanics who were from other Latin countries, and who put their lives on the line and earned their citizenship.

In recent years, the Army has been forced to accept more applicants who are high school dropouts, have low scores on ASVAB, and have criminal backgrounds.  However, the DREAM Act would allow recruiters to seek highly qualified high school students with no criminal background.

Military experts agree that the DREAM Act promises to enlarge dramatically the pool of highly qualified recruits for the United States Armed Forces and the Department of Defense has expressed support for the DREAM Act since the Bush administration.

I urge you to work with fellow Senators who have served our Armed Forces and remind those Senators of the immigrants they served with.  I believe the world has become more dangerous -- we have countries such as North Korea and Iran who have promised to increase their nuclear arsenal.  Because of this, we should have as a very high goal to surpass all Department of Defense and military goals as it relates to recruitment and the quality of those recruits.

Kind regards,

DeeDee  Blase
Founder, Somos Republicans

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DeeDee Author Profile Page said:

Thank you for posting this. Our deadline is Tuesday.

We need to hone in on the below Senators:

Kay Bailey Hutchinson (R)202-224-5922
Jim Webb (D) Veteran and on the fence (p) 202224-4024
Tom Udall (New Mexico) 202-224-6621

And all southwestern Senators who are represent the southwest. We need to remind them that the Latino population is the fastest growing population in these states, and it would be in their best interest to support DREAM.


kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

Thanks for dropping by DeeDee! And thanks for writing your letter!

Right now we just need to get passed that Tuesday vote, but you've picked out some good targets here. The best target list, I think, is at Dreamactivist. Anything anyone can do to move any of those Senators is much appreciated.

DeeDee Author Profile Page said:

There should be no reason why the southwestern Senators should not support DREAM as it relates to our military goals. ;) Let's remind them of our political and in the future.

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

You're right :). I just sent you an email about some possible help you could give us passing the DREAM Act if that's alright.

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