Send A Fax for Selvin Arevalo - Help Get the DREAM Act Passed

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America's Voice sent out an action alert celebrating our victory with Ivan Nikolov and asking folks to do the same for Selvin ArevaloSending a fax, and asking your friends to do the same, is probably the single most important thing you can do for Selvin.  It will also do a lot for the DREAM Act as the faxes will go to two key Senate votes, Republicans Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins.   

I'm so glad to share some more good news with you: After spending three months in jail facing deportation, Ivan Nikolov was released last week!

Now, Ivan's safe at home with his fiancée and stepdad, and it's all thanks to your help. Together, we sent nearly 15,000 faxes to the Department of Homeland Security and ICE, and another 2,800 faxes to Ivan's Congressional representatives in Michigan, sharing his story and urging his release. Our persistence paid off, and Ivan is back home with his loved ones in Michigan.

Now, another young man -- Selvin Arevalo -- urgently needs our help.

We've seen just how successful these campaigns can be. We helped save Ivan Nikolov in Michigan and Marlen Moreno in Arizona. Now Selvin Arevalo needs our help. Send a fax now to stop Selvin's deportation!
Selvin came to the United States from Guatemala when he was just 14 years old. His dream was to work hard to support his mother, who needed open-heart surgery, his two brothers and his sister. Selvin paints houses during the day and takes classes at night to pass his GED. Though he's incredibly active in his church and local community in Maine, the 24-year-old could be deported any day now.

As with so many DREAM Act-eligible youth, Selvin's community is fighting every day to keep him here.

Until Congress passes the DREAM Act, we must do everything we can to keep DREAMers like Selvin in the country and to bring in new support for the DREAM Act. Selvin's senators in Maine represent important Republican votes, and we want to be sure they see an outpouring of support for keeping Selvin -- and thousands of young people like him -- here with their loved ones.

Send a fax to DHS and Selvin's senators now:

Adam Luna
America's Voice
[Full Disclosure: I am currently working with America's Voice on producing the DREAM Now Letters]

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