Republicans Are "Playing Politics" With the DREAM Act, Too

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A lot of the media analysis around a possible vote on the DREAM Act is centered around the fact that Democrats are doing this to shore up the Latino vote in time for the elections.  As I've written before, that's true but it's not the whole story.

There has been very little analysis, if any, on how the Republicans are playing politics with the DREAM Act.  In Oklahoma, the Republican Governors Association is using the Democrats move on the DREAM Act to try and open up a line of attack on Democratic Lt. Gov. Jari Askins, who is currently running for Oklahoma governor against Rep. Mary Fallin (R-OK). 

The Oklahoman has more:

A move by Senate Democratic leaders to consider controversial immigration legislation as part of the annual defense bill has angered some Republicans but has given ammunition to a GOP  group targeting Lt. Gov. Jari Askins in the Oklahoma  gubernatorial race.


The Republican Governors Association launched an attack on Askins last week in regard to an Oklahoma law passed in 2003 that allows undocumented students to pay in-state tuition at public universities and apply for financial aid. The group ran an ad linking Askins' support for that bill to President Barack Obama and the Democratic congressional leadership.

If Reid's effort to add the immigration provisions to the defense bill is aimed at helping Democrats courting Hispanic voters, he didn't appear to do Askins, the Democratic nominee for governor, any favors.

After Reid announced his plan last week, the GOP group posted a video on YouTube, again linking Askins to national Democrats and showing a clip from an event in which Askins appears to say that she supports "an older version" of the DREAM Act.

"I'm sure Jari Askins is grateful that Harry Reid is moving forward with the DREAM Act even if it is tacked on to legislation that protects our national security," spokesman Chris Schrimpf said.
Chris Casteel - The Oklahoman (19 September 2010)

Republicans are playing politics.  Democrats are playing politics.  Playing politics is what politicians do.  So, let's get passed that meaningless talking point and focus on the fate of the close to one million lives that are going to be decided in the next week.  You can get to know some of those lives a little better here.  Mary Giovagnoli at Immigration Impact says it better than I ever could:

At some point, it just gets tiresome to hear everyone talking about playing politics. After all, this is politics, isn't it?

The truth is, there are no simple votes, particularly in the 111th Congress, which will long be remembered for its bitter partisan squabbles that led, especially in the Senate, to political gridlock.

The truth is, good policy is rarely enough to motivate a vote on a controversial issue. If that were the case, Senator Reid wouldn't have to maneuver like crazy just get important issues like immigration reform and fair treatment for the LGBTQ in the military onto the floor of the Senate.

And the truth is that, of course, this is political. The upcoming elections are a real incentive for showing voters where you stand. And generally, we only know where a politician stands when they actually have to vote on something.

So for once, it would be nice if the Senate could actually get to the heart of an immigration matter, debating it on its merits, rather than its procedural purity. Senators should be brave enough to take the issues up for their own sake rather than hide behind the increasingly oppressive use of the cloture vote, which seems to be the ultimate act of playing politics in the Senate.
Mary Giovagnoli - Immigration Impact (17 September 2010)
It is time for Republicans to do the right thing for the country, open the gate of their impenetrable fortress of "No," and allow the National Defense Authorization Act to proceed without filibustering it in the Senate. 

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