DREAMer José Patino Wants To Be A Navy Seal

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See his letter in the Arizona Republic:

Ever since I was a young boy watching Rambo, Commando and Van Damme fighting and taking no prisoners, I have wanted to join the military.

I thought serving my country would be like fighting our enemies in the films when Arnold Schwarzenegger would pick up two machine guns and start shooting all the bad guys.

The dream ended when I was 17. A Navy recruiter came to my high school, and I told him about my status. I told him that I was his next Navy SEAL (the best of the best).

He chuckled, and I did, too. I told him I didn't have a Social Security number and asked if that would be a problem. He answered yes.

I said, "Yes, I can join?" He said it would be a problem.

This week, the U.S. Senate will vote on the Dream Act. I urge Arizonans to support it.

I want to serve in our armed forces, I want to wear the uniform, I want to be a Navy SEAL.

- Jose Patino, Phoenix

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