DREAM Army Outside Sen. McCain's Office Grows

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UPDATE (4:01 p.m.) - See this video from My Fox Phoenix of youth outside McCain's Office:


See my earlier post on this.  I just received this press release:

Military Hopefuls Continue to Grow Outside McCain's Office
Undocumented youth asking to join military grow in numbers in Phoenix

Phoenix, Arizona - Undocumented youth are now on their 4th day outside of Senator McCain's Phoenix office.  Michael, an undocumented aspiring serviceman, is leading a boot camp that has extended for four fays outside of the senator's office with a simple ask, "let me be a soldier."
"On Thursday my DREAM Army started with just two recruits, both undocumented and like me wanting to just have a chance to serve in the military.  Now, just four days later, there are almost a dozen of us training and working on our drills hoping to be recognized for our desire to serve and protect this great country." Said Michael.

Today at 6:00 everyone is invited to join Michael and his army, to watch as they train in preparation for an award ceremony on Monday.

On Friday Michael was able to deliver a letter directly to senator McCain. The veteran Senator, who also served in the military, will be in Phoenix on Monday for a fundraiser, a moment that the youth group will use to continue their plea for an opportunity to join the US Army.

Michael is one of thousands of undocumented students who have no pathway towards legalization.  The DREAM Act would allow for Michael to fix his status and to serve and protect the country he loves.  The DREAM Act is a bi-partisan piece of legislation introduced by Sen. Lugar (IN-R) and Sen. Durbin (IL -R) that would allow for undocumented youth, who were brought to this country at a young age, to fix their legal status by joining the military or attaining a 2-year college degree.  It is expected that the DREAM Act will come up for a vote as soon as next week.

Michael went on to say "The mood around camp has been amazing, we have had everyone from veterans to police officers stop by to wish us support and to let us know they support us in our struggle.  I invite everyone to join us on the corner of Missouri and 16th street."

WHEN:  September 19, 2010 at 6:00 pm
WHAT:  50 supporters hold a vigil at the Boot Camp
WHERE:  Senator McCain's office, DREAM Army HQ, Corner of Missouri and 16th Street

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