Defense Authorization Bill Does Not Move Forward

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Matias Ramos on twitter just signaled that the DREAM Act didn't move forward on what I believe was a vote of 56-43:

Reid has voted NO so that he can bring the bill back. Final vote came four votes short of cloture. #dreamactless than a minute ago via ÜberTwitter

The question is, what will Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) do next?  I will write more later.  Below is an email from Mohammad Abdollahi of

At 3:00 pm today a  vote was taken on the Defense Authorization Bill, this is the bill that the DREAM Act would have been attached to.  This was a vote on whether or not to simply talk about the Defense Authorization Bill, which the DREAM Act would have been attached.  This vote did not go through, but this is NOT the end of the line.
This is not the end of the DREAM Act though, we still have one more hurdle we can overcome for the passage of this bill.  Now is the opportunity to ask our politicians to stop politicizing an issue that affects our lives, and put the DREAM Act up for a stand-alone vote.  Let's demand that the DREAM Act pass as a stand-alone bill this September.

There is only ONE person who can make this possible and that is Democratic Senator Harry Reid from NV. You need to call him now and urge that he stop playing politics with your life, demand that he immediately schedule the DREAM Act for a vote as a stand alone bill.  This means in September, NOT after elections.

Dial: 1-202-224-3121 and ask to speak with Senator Reid from NV:

"Hi I am calling to ask that senator Reid stop playing politics with the DREAM Act.  I am calling to ask that he immediately bring it up for a vote.  Thank you."

Your action now is going to decide the fate of the DREAM Act. Take a stand and make the call.  While you are calling we are going to continue to have folks in D.C. hold the heat on the senators.  Support them with a $25 donation.  Your support is crucial now.

Mohammad Abdollahi
co-founder of

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