Conservatives for CIR Support DREAM Act Youth

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Below is a press release from Conservatives for CIR:

Conservatives For CIR Support DREAM Act Youth
Let Them Pursue their American Dreams

Washington, DC -- Last week, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced that the DREAM Act could be voted on as an amendment to the Department of Defense Authorization bill. The DREAM Act is bipartisan legislation that enables high-achieving young people - immigrants who have been raised in the United States, have worked hard in school, and then pursue higher education or serve in the United States Armed Forces - to achieve the American Dream. Last week, CfCIR held meetings with member of Congress and the Obama administration, discussing their support for comprehensive immigration reform. Following is a statement from Juan Hernandez, founder of CfCIR, on the DREAM Act students:
"We believe that if politics are put aside, the DREAM Act could be a first step toward a comprehensive immigration bill, and one that will only benefit our nation. Although as a coalition, our overall goal is to fight for comprehensive immigration reform, we support the DREAMers. These young immigrant students were raised in America, educated in America and think of themselves as Americans. They did not make the decision to come here without documents. Our nation has already invested taxpayer dollars in their education and training and the DREAM Act will ensure that America will reap the benefits of those investments. America needs and every American should want their talent and skills.

But partisan politics must be put aside in this process.  DREAM kids must never become a political tool that one party can use to gain leverage over another in an effort to curry favor from voters, whether they ultimately support or oppose reform. If it does, conservatives on both sides of the aisle will be unable to support this most recent attempt for reform.  We applaud statesmen like Senator Lugar for looking beyond politics and acting in the best interests of this nation by cosponsoring the DREAM Act, and we hope other Senators, especially our conservative brothers and sisters, understand the economic and moral urgency of making these young people's dreams a reality."

Carlos Campo, President of Regent University and CfCIR member, also responded to Senator Reid's announcement:

"As an educator, I believe the DREAM Act should not be about politics, but about the 800,000 young lives that may be changed by its passage. These kids want to contribute to the only country they know as a home, and allowing them to further their education or join our armed services will bring a diverse, multi-lingual pool of workers to our country. We have already invested millions of dollars in the lives of these productive young people, and they have the promise to contribute to America's future. I hope our members of congress will put politics aside and support these children's dreams."

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