BREAKING: Colin Powell Endorses the DREAM Act

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According to a tweet from Marisa Treviño of Latina Lista, Colin Powell just delivered a ringing endorsement of the DREAM Act on Meet the Press.

Colin Powell is my new hero. Y? He delivers a stunning DREAM Act endorsement on Meet the Press. Also, y immigrants are important 2 U.S.less than a minute ago via web

UPDATE (11:23 a.m.) - Politico has more:

America is going to be a minority nation in one more generation.  Our minorities are not getting educated well enough now. Fifty percent of our minority kids are not finishing high school. We've got to invest in education. We should use the Dream Act as one way to do it. Whether it should be part of the Defense Bill or not, is something the Congress will decide.

So, I'm telling you and I'm telling all of my - my - my citizens around the country is that immigration is what's keeping this country's life blood moving forward.  They enrich our culture with every generation. And we have to find a way to protect our borders, but at the same time, treat our immigrant population with respect and dignity and give them a path to citizenship.
Colin Powell - Politico (19 September 2010)
UPDATE 2 (12:45 p.m.): Meet the Press has video of Colin Powell speaking out on the DREAM Act:

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UPDATE 3 (12:50 p.m.): The Hill also covered Colin Powell's remarks.

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