The Center For American Progress Stands with Migrant Youth

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This actually happened before the AFL-CIO came out in support of moving the DREAM Act on its own this year, and might have had something to do with them doing so. 
This is an extremely crucial time for migrant youth.  We need as many pro-migrant people as possible to come out in support of moving the DREAM Act, on it's own, independently of comprehensive immigration reform (CIR), this year.  CIR no longer has a chance, this year, with no Republican co-sponsors in the Senate, and allowing the DREAM Act to be voted for, on it's own, is the only way we're going to get it passed. 

One of the first big allies to shift the momentum in favor of the DREAM Act was the Reform Immigration for America campaign, and for that I will be eternally grateful.  We're still waiting on others to come out, stand with migrant youth, and stand on the right side of history. 

Passing the DREAM Act will not be easy, but if we don't do everything we can to try and do so, this year, we're only shooting ourselves in the foot. Also, as I stated in my previous post on the AFL-CIO, the pro-migrant leaders of tomorrow will long remember who stood with them today. 

I'm happy to count the folks at the Center for American Progress among those who stood with us, today.  This is Pedro de la Torre's post on this over at Campus Progress, and here is the letter (pdf) from Center for American Progress Action Fund to Harry Reid.

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