Marlen Moren's Deportation Was Stopped

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The good folks over at are reporting that Marlen Moreno's deportation was deferred:

She was scheduled to be deported on August 8th, but after a campaign initiated by DREAM Act activists, hundreds of phone calls, over 6,000 faxes, and a sign-on letter supported by over 50 national and local organizations, she was given the opportunity to stay in the country for another year.
Mohammed Abdollahi - (6 August 2010)
Mo also rightly states the following in an email to supporters of Marlen:

This victory shows us that we can win any case anywhere, but it also reminds us that we cannot keep fighting one case at a time, we have to get one big victory for all of us and that comes via passing the DREAM Act.
Mohammed Abdollahi (6 August 2010)
Stopping Marlen's deportation was a huge victory, but we still need to pass the DREAM Act in order for that victory to be complete.  As many mainstream media organizations often fail to report in these cases, deferring someone's deportation does not guarantee them any sort of permanent legal status. 
Passing the DREAM Act is still one of Marlen's best hopes at legal status and being granted the right to exist in the only country she knows as her home.  Dulce Matuz of the Arizona DREAM Act Coalition also alludes to this on

We must keep in mind that Marlen has been granted deferred action for only one year.  Passage of the DREAM Act would give her the best chance of staying with her family and pursuing her dream of becoming a teacher.
Dulce Matuz - (6 August 2010)
Stopping Marlen's deportation only means something if we work that much harder to pass the DREAM Act.

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