The White House Supports Moving the DREAM Act On It's Own

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Despite Obama's nativist rhetoric, and the failure of the Obama administration's to include Latino and/or pro-migrant bloggers in the following roundtable, I was happy to have come across this from Cecilia Muñoz, the White House's Director of Intergovernmental Affairs:

Jesse Lee: And we've got a bit of a graffiti artist in the chat asking over and over again, why not the DREAM Act as a stand-alone bill?

Cecilia Muñoz: So the DREAM Act, which I described before, is terribly important.  The President absolutely supports it.  And if Congress, if our allies in Congress decide to move forward on the DREAM Act, we will be - we will happily support it.  The President has been a supporter really for much of his career. 

So that, if it moves forward, that progress is progress, it has the same 60-vote threshold as anything else that moves in the United States Senate, and that's the challenge.  In order to pass the DREAM Act or a comprehensive reform or anything else, we're going to need to get the 60 votes, and some of those votes are going to have to be from Republicans.  And so in order to accomplish any piece of this debate, we're going to need that support. 
White House (1 July 2010)
The Obama administration certainly hasn't spent any political capital on getting the DREAM Act passed, but at least they aren't publicly blocking it from happening.

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