Trying To Pass CIR After November Is Unnacceptable Sen. Menendez

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Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) recently told advocates the following about Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NY) holding up the DREAM Act in the Senate:

Anger has been brewing for months but what perhaps finally tipped the scale for most D.C. insiders and caused them to finally speak out in uncharacteristically vehement terms was a meeting many national advocates held with Senator Chuck Schumer the week prior.


The issue of the Dream Act or AgJobs proceeding alone in the event that Comprehensive Reform failed was...discussed. On this one Schumer punted to Senator Menendez. It is Menendez who insists on Comprehensive Reform in the Caucus according to Schumer so the advocates should be taking up that issue with him.
La Frontera Times (14 March 2010)
So when I came across Sen. Menendez saying this to the editorial board of the New Jersey Star-Ledger, it was the last straw:

I think the time to get [comprehensive immigration reform] done is in November, right after the elections. I'm being very pragmatic. I think there are a bunch of people who are retiring who would cast votes (because) their heart and their intellect tell them it is the right thing, but their politics might have told them no. They are free to cast votes that we might not normally get. I think it's a propitious time to get something done if we have presidential leadership. That's what I said to the president two weeks ago when I was at the White House with him.
Robert Menendez - New Jersey Star-Ledger (2 April 2010)

Menendez has been a tireless advocate for migrant rights in the Senate.  I'll never forget when he took to the Senate floor to deliver this speech

At the same time, members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) have been one of the biggest barriers to passing the DREAM Act on it's own, because they want it to be part of Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR).  While most CHC members are in the House, Schumer confirmed above, much to my dismay, that Menendez is playing the same role in the Senate.
Now Menendez wants to wait until after the November elections to pass CIR.  That is unnacceptable.  If Menendez wants to wait that long, then he should try and pass the DREAM Act this summer as down payment on CIR.  It is unacceptable to allow another generation of migrant youth to graduate from high school and be relegated to the shadows.  That is why I set up the following twitter petition.  Please tweet it if you agree:

Sen. Menendez: Stop Using Migrant Youth As Political Pawns

Senator Menendez recently told the editorial board of the New Jersey Star-Ledger that the best time to pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) would be after the 2010 November elections:

This is unacceptable. Waiting until November needlessly gambles with the lives of migrant youth who would benefit from the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act.

Migrant youth have been strung along for almost a year and a half of the Obama administration in pursuit of a phantom CIR bill in the Senate which has yet to even be written. Waiting until after the November elections is an irresponsible gambit that could relegate another generation of unauthorized migrant youth to a precarious nonexistence. It will also further cripple some of the most effective current and future leaders of the pro-migrant movement.

Our movement recently lost 19 year-old Gustavo Rezende, a DREAM Act eligible youth, to suicide.

His blood is on the hands of all of the leaders of the pro-migrant movement who failed to grant him an existence he could bare in the only country he knew as his home. We can wash our hands of that blood and pass the DREAM Act now, or continue to use migrant youth as political pawns in an attempt to pass CIR.

It's time to start treating the migrant youth movement with the respect it deserves. Passing the DREAM Act now would not endanger CIR. The DREAM Act is a down payment on CIR. It would lay the foundation for truly pro-migrant immigration reform. No human being is illegal, and no human being should be treated as a political pawn.
Kyle de Beausset - (3 April 2010)

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