Love Thy Neighbor: Pro-Migrant SanctuarySphere

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Indigenous Peoples in U.S. struggle against Poverty and Government Repression including Native Undocumented Immigrants at Carlos in DC.

RIP: Howard Zinn. Who Will Write Your History? at DREAM Activist.

A Moment for Luis Leal, Pioneer of Chicano Literature at The Unapologetic Mexican.

Cumulative Immigration Reform at Smart Borders.

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Lawyers Back Creating New Immigration Courts By JULIA PRESTON

Citing a crushing caseload, the American Bar Association endorsed a recommendation to Congress for an independent immigration court system.

Latino voters will be a force in midterm elections, report argues By Krissah Thompson

How potent will the immigration issue be for Latino voters in 2010? Advocacy groups representing the community predict it will remain a "litmus test" in key mid-term races.

Immigration activists concerned about anti-Latino sentiment at Tea Party Convention

This weekend's Tea Party Convention in Nashville featured a speech by former Congressman Tom Tancredo. He suggested President Obama was elected by folks who couldn't spell "vote" or say it in English. Immigration activists say they're watching the growth of the Tea Party movement closely.

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