Secrets of Immigration Jails: Pro-Migrant SanctuarySphere

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"Secrets of Immigration Jails" a Disturbing Call For Reform at America's Voice.

Here's another damning piece from the New York Times exposing the nation's shadowy immigration detention system, which exploded under the Bush administration.

Donate Blood to Help Haiti at All About Race. Check out the Red Cross video and donate if you can.

La Opinion: Pressure Grows to Move Immigration Reform Forward at Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles.

Un año después, las cosas parecen seguir igual. A pesar de las promesas del presidente Barack Obama, quien aseguró que durante el primer año de su administración sería aprobado un proyecto de reforma migratoria, el plazo se cumplió y la promesa sigue en el aire.

Trail of Dreams at Dream Act Texas. Follow this four month walk to Washington DC and support the DREAM Act. Trail of DREAMs II - It takes strong feet, Trail of DREAMs III - Grandfathers Help Us DREAM, Trail of DREAMs IV - Comments on Reprieve for Haitian Immigrants, and Trail of DREAMs V - Walking While in Pain.

News With Nezua | Ghosts and Revolution (Role Models in Action)at The Unapologetic Mexican

In The News:

Immigration rally on the Capitol steps at (Madison, WI)

MADISON (WKOW) -- Dozens of Madison-area high school and college students held an immigration rally on the steps of the state capitol Tuesday night. The students started with a march down State Street chanting in support of immigration reform.

Undocumented children pin hopes on revival of DREAM Act at The Miami Herald.

The recent Jesús and Guillermo Reyes immigration case has rekindled interest in legislation that would give green cards to some children of undocumented parents.

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