Are You Listening?: Pro-Migrant SanctuarySphere

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Immigrants & American-born: "Are you listening?" at Yes on the upcoming Night of 1,000 conversations.

Obama's State of the Union: Immigration? Gays in the military? at The Oval.

The Orange County Register: Rally Celebrates Contributions from Immigrants at Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles.

SANTA ANA Prayer vigils and press conferences took place across the country today -- from Santa Ana to Tennessee -- to tout the release of a report detailing the contributions of immigrants to California.

The grossly incomplete Latino Blogosphere list from BlogWorldExpo at Culture Kitchen.

Trail of DREAMs IX - A Walker from the Big Apple at DREAM Act Texas.

Our walk today is dedicated to three generations of brave men who lived in the United States trying, with all their might, to achieve a DREAM.

Scholarship Opportunities for Undocumented Students at DREAM Activist.

So it is around that time of the year when life after high school may still seem uncertain and scary to think about. I remember going through the grueling process of trying to find scholarships, calling up each and every organization for their application, and later hassling them for a response.

Evangelicals Christians call for immigration reform at True/Slant.

Cumulative Immigration Reform at Smart Borders.

While the Obama administration vowed to take on comprehensive immigration reform in 2009 and has now shifted its goal to legislation in 2010, several positive changes have recently begun to nudge the broken system towards increased fairness.

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