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Lou Dobbs Takes a 'Voluntary Departure' from CNN at Dream Activist blog.

Hasta la Vista Dobbs at Dream Act Texas.

Weekly Diaspora: Deporting Dobbs at The Unapologetic Mexican.

After 30 years, commentator Lou Dobbs--infamous for his tirades against undocumented immigrants--has left CNN, as TPM reports. Dobbs employed disturbing, dangerous, and dated language to slur immigrants, often equating them with disease and infection. There is a connection between this type of demagoguery and violence.

ICE Firing of 1200 Janitors Likened by SEIU to "Redecorating When the House is on Fire" - America's Voice.

Military Families Act Protects Families Who Protect US - CAUSA.

Action Alert: Money bomb today to fund a documentary about direct democracy, plus other activism at Docudharma.

There's been a lot of talk about "direct democracy" since Obama was elected - about how his campaign involved people at a level never before seen in national politics, how his White House has been using online programs to get peoples' input, and so on. But what if we as Americans could participate on a level even beyond this - what if we had the power of lawmaking?

ICE moving forward with new Los Angeles-area immigration lock-up at The Business of Detention.

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