Ask Senator Feinstein to Stand Up for U.S. Citizen Children

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Activists in New York are disappointed:

When we elected Barack Obama as the President of the United States, we thought we were choosing change; we thought we were voting for humane immigration reform; we thought the separation of families would end. Now, less than a year later, we see that we were wrong.

Helen is asleep, dreaming of her lacrosse match the next day, the latest poem she has been working on and her weekend plans with friends from her church group. Suddenly, she is woken up, dragged from her bed at gunpoint and told that none of the things that she has been working toward and dreaming of are possible for her. Helen's dreams have been interrupted by a living nightmare.

The twist to this story is that Helen Mejia-Perez is a U.S. citizen.  Her parents fled the turmoil in Guatemala in 1992, the tail end of a civil war in which the U.S. had a hand in creating.  Now Helen's parents are about to be deported early tomorrow morning.  At 13, Helen and her 4-year-old brother will have little choice but to go with their parents back to Guatemala.  This is a de facto deportation of two U.S. citizens. 

As these New York DreamActivists have ascertained, President Obama's DHS is pretty much the same as President Bush's DHS was.  Getting deportation numbers up is priority number one.  Worrying about the families that are torn apart, or Dream Act-eligible students deported, is at the bottom of the list. 

Congress continues to shovel taxpayer money to DHS to fund enforcement efforts, while our local Philadelphia USCIS office is cutting personnel who work to help people navigate the system to obtain lawful status.  As it gets harder and harder to obtain and maintain legal status, harder to become a citizen, it is easier than ever to be deported.  

Meanwhile the administration and Democrats in Congress (with some exceptions) continue to stall and prevaricate about when they will introduce an immigration bill. 

Join Mo at DreamActivist in asking Senator Feinstein to stand up for immigrant families, to stand up for the U.S. citizen children in her state:

Call Senator Feinstein:  D.C.: (202) 224-3841  San Francisco: (415) 393-0707  Los Angeles: (310) 914-7300

"I was calling to ask why Senator Feinstein is not stepping in and allowing for United States citizens to be deported!"

Leave a message at each office and then rinse and repeat in a few hours.  We have to make sure Feinstein knows we won't tolerate this from her.

Sign onto this letter at, or to sign on as an organization, send an email to mo at dreamactivist dot org.

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kyledeb said:

Thanks for covering this, Dave. I've neglected my responsibilities to migrant youth as of late.

I would say Obama's DHS has been worse than Bush's DHS. They're cracking down on us for our activism.

Harry Mancini said:

I suggest that it is no more deportation of a citizen than is the return of a U.S. born person who is brought back to the homeland with a foreign national parent whose visa has expired. Thousands of foreigners here on visas bring their U.S. born children back to their countries of origin without making the anchor baby claim, and there departures aren't called deportation. Such claims fall on the deaf ears of honest citizens of this country.

Parents have the responsibility of taking care of their children regardless of their country of origin, or regardless of where they live, so there's absolutely nothing morally wrong with deporting the parents and permitting the children to go with them. I also suggest that this shows the bankruptcy of the concept of jus solis citizenship of people whose parents are illegal aliens. No other country in the world recognizes such citizenship.

P.S. I realize that you are too cowardly to actually post opposition opinions or indulge in counterargument, so I'll understand why you don't do it this time. I saw your poor performance on Fox and noted your poor debating skills. This too is likely a contributor to your reluctance to engage in intelligent dialog. All of this makes your blog little more than a tiresome propaganda machine.

Dave Bennion said:

Mr. Mancini, I take it you've confused me with my co-blogger, Kyle. I don't have much confidence in your other assertions, either. You may need a personal fact-checker.

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