I Messed Up on the O'Reilly Factor Tonight

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The producer told me I was going to get five minutes and they gave me just under two.  I had three points I wanted to make.  I was able to make two of them when Juan Williams cut me off.  If you want to see something funny, check out the sad puppy face I make when Juan Williams cuts me off.  I wrote out the final point I was trying to make in my earlier post:

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the reason it would have been irresponsible for HULC to invite Jim Gilchrist is because of the violence he encourages and enables with his speech.  There are countless examples of this.  Jim Gilchrist advocated violence in his statement about being disinvited at Harvard:

It is obvious why our Founding Fathers placed the Second Amendment directly after the First Amendment.  When free speech is no longer an irrevocable right, well, that's what the Second Amendment is for...to preserve the First Amendment...for everyone on U.S. territory.
Jim Gilchrist - Minuteman Project (16 October 2009)
In a statement about being uninvited from Harvard I can only interpret this as a threat to bring guns to Harvard to "defend" his right to speak.  This would be fine if this was all talk and no action, but the case of Shawna Forde has shown us that there can be deadly consequences to this sort of speech. 

Forde, the head of Minuteman American Defense, is being tried for shooting and killing a 9-year-old girl Brisenia Flores, and her father, in an apparent attempt to finance her nativist activism.  The only way to truly understand the consequences of hateful speech like Gilchrist's is to hear the audio of Brisenia Flores' mother when she dialed 911 to report that her husband and her daughter were shot and killed. (WARNING: Listening to this audio might be traumatic for those who have suffered violence.  I have only listened to it once and that was enough.)  Jim Gilchrist is a close associate of Shawna Forde's and has defended her in the past.

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Cameron said:


Don't worry. You know what they say, screw up and move up. There will be better days.

You made an excellent point about the first amendment and preserving the right to free speech if the government was limiting that. No private institution is compelled by the first amendment to let anyone say anything anywhere. You were a huge success on your first time on TV. Juan Williams messed up by not giving you more time to make the rest of your excellent points.

Your work on this issue is stellar, my friend. Keep up the great work.

Pete Gonzlez said:

You did well. It is ironic that Juan Williams tried to make it a freedom of speech issue when Fox News is infamous for cutting off or shouting down their invited guests before they can make valid opposing points.

Whenever I think of Gilchrist, I think of the nutcake Shawna Forde and the time they spent together playing Border patrol in the desert. This person should not have any role in any serious discussion about immigration. He is far in the deficit for having any credibility. He only has name recognition.

Gilchrist's comments are indicative of his proclivity towards creating the atmosphere of violence to push his nativist agenda.

ille said:

Hahaha, you did well regardless. When I heard you were going on the O'Reily factor, I was half expecting you to get shouted down by Bill O'Reily during the interview or something. Instead, you kept getting interrupted by some other guy. I didn't expect you to get a good interview on the show in the least bit, but you got some of your points across.

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