Almost 130 Pro-Migrant Blogs and Counting...

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I continue to put a considerable amount of effort into updating Citizen Orange's pro-migrant blogroll, because I believe it is important that we all stay connected.  In an effort update and trim down the pro-migrant blogroll, it has only grown, showing just how strong the pro-migrant sanctuarysphere has become. 

The list of almost 130 pro-migrant blogs I've come up with are not a random assortment of obscure blogs.  I'm actively in touch with an author at each of these blogs, they have all been updated in the past year, and they meet a stringent set of requirements.  Please continue to contact me if I'm missing any.  I missed quite a few obvious ones in the beginning.

I will paste the updated list, again, below, and give it a rest for a time.
Below is an updated list of pro-migrant blogs:

9500 Liberty
A Migrant Journey
Acts Of Faith
All About Race
Alone in 2 Worlds
American Humanity
American Taino
Awesome Blog 540
Bender's Immigration Bulletin
Blue Mass. Group
Business of Detention
Carlos In D.C.
CAUSA Oregon
Citizens Against Hate
Crooks and Liars
Culture Kitchen
Cyber Hacienda
Daily Kos
Damn Mexicans
Dandelion Salad
The Diversity Projekt
Documenting Me
Dos Centavos
DREAM Act - Texas
Dreams To Action
Drum Major Institute Blog
Economic Refugee
El Sonador
Elena Mary
Eristic Ragemail
Faith and Immigration
Fake Mexican
Feet in 2 Worlds
Future Majority
The Garlic
Generation 1.5
Global Voices
Guate 360 Blog
Gut Check This America
Hispanic Nashville
Hunahpu e Ixbalanque
I Am Shadow
Imagine 2050
Immigrants In USA
Immigration Clearinghouse
Immigration Equality
Immigration Impact
Immigration Talk
ImmigrationProf Blog
It's Our Community
Jack and Jill Politics
Journeys and Star Gazing
Just a Random Hero
La Bloga
La Frontera Times
Latina Lista
Latino Long Island
Latino Politico
Latino Politics Blog
Life By Dream
Little Piece of Paper
Long Island Wins Blog
Matthew Yglesias
Max and the Marginalized
Maya Chinchilla
Media Matters
The Mex Files
Mexico Trucker
Michigan Liberal
Migra Matters
Migrant Diaries
Migrant Headlines
Muro Del Odio
My Hope, My Dream(s)
NDN Blog
Notes From Underground
Nuestra Voice
Of America
Open Left
Para Justicia Y Libertad
People Migrate
The Political Scoop
Prerna Lal
Problem Chylde
Professor Zero
Restore Fairness
RI4A Campaign Scholars and Rogues
Shalom Rav
The Sanctuary
Smart Borders
Socially Aware
Standing FIRM
State of Opportunity
Stuck Between a Dream
T. Don Hutto
Ten Percent
Think Progress
Tony Herrera
The Unapologetic Mexican
Underground Undergrads
Vivir Latino
Wild Chihuahuas
Wonk Room
Working Immigrants
Why Am I Not Surprised?
Xicana in NYC
Ya Basta

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Ruth leitman said:

Hi Kyle,
Can you add the blog site for 'Tony & Janina's American Wedding'
Thanks for all you are doing!!!

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

With pleasure! I'll add it in the next round of additions! Thanks for commenting ruth!

Much Love,

Prerna Lal said:

Lol, can you blogroll ? ... I mean, it is a blog, not a DC org press release haven, if you know what I mean, regardless of platform! :-) It's unfortunate that I can't blogroll back but I do give link love.

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

I can't believe I forgot! I'm also going to add desidyke.

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