50,000 Call on CNN To Dump Dobbs - Citizen Orange Endorses BastaDobbs.com

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The award winning filmmaker Arturo Perez, Jr., just released the this powerful video in tandem with Presente.org's announcement that their Basta Dobbs campaign has signed up 50,000 people in support of their demand that CNN get rid of anti-migrant commentator Lou Dobbs.  I'm happy to use this opportunity to announce that Citizen Orange has officially endorsed the Basta Dobbs campaign as evidenced by the "Who We Are" page.

Part of the reason I have been dutifully quantifying the number of pro-migrant blogs in the sanctuarysphere is so that I can encourage the sanctuarysphere to throw its full weight behind bastadobbs.com.
Lou Dobbs has been facing a lot of pressure as of late.  Three separate campaigns sprung up around the time that Lou Dobbs decided to attend the hate group FAIR's "hold their feet to the fire" event.  The three separate campaigns are:

If you believe CNN, "the most trusted name in news", should reign in Dobbs' nativism, I recommend signing up for each of these campaigns.  I have already done so.  Each campaign brings it's own separate flavor to the movement to reign in Dobbs, all of which bring us closer to the goal of a U.S. migration debate free from misinformation, fearmongering, hate and violence.

Democracia U.S.A.'s "Enough is Enough" campaign was able to get a report in Politico about Latino leaders' negative feelings about Lou Dobbs.  I do have to say that I'm a little bit disappointed, though, that Democracia U.S.A. didn't go as far as calling for CNN's ouster of Lou Dobbs as both the Basta Dobbs and the Drop Dobbs campaigns have done.  Groups have tried for years to reign in Dobbs and he has only gotten more belligerent and extremist in the process.  Anything less than dumping Dobbs is just not going to cut it for CNN.   

The Drop Dobbs campaign is notable for the amount of pro-migrant power it brings to the table.  For example, Americas Voice has successfully raised enough money to air an advertisement on CNN calling for Dobbs' removal.  The fact that notable progressive organizations, like Media Matters and Netroots Nation, are not only supporting but leading this campaign is also cause for celebration.  The work Media Matters has done to research expose Dobbs' lies and fear mongering is the foundation for all of these campaigns.  The progressive community in the United States has come a long way towards being pro-migrant champions.

My only two concerns with the Drop Dobbs campaign are focus and accountability.  The many organizations leading the Drop Dobbs campaign are also doing a million other things.  This is one of many goals their juggling.  The fact that no one organization or spokesperson is taking the lead in the Drop Dobbs campaign also makes it difficult to hold anyone accountable for making this a priority.  Don't get me wrong, if the Drop Dobbs campaign was the only campaign that existed, I would be ecstatic about it, but that's not the case, and that's why I'm throwing my full weight behind the Basta Dobbs campaign.

Presente.org's decision to bring Roberto Lovato on to lead the Basta Dobbs campaign should have Lou Dobbs shaking in his boots.  I have deep respect for Roberto Lovato as both an organizer and an intellectual for the pro-migrant movement.  I know that Roberto Lovato will do everything in his power to get Lou Dobbs off of CNN, and that he won't rest until he has.  The fact that he has put many of his other worthy causes on hold is proof of that. 

The beautiful thing about the Basta Dobbs campaign is that while I know I can hold Roberto Lovato and the other folks at Presente.org accountable, the Basta Dobbs campaign isn't just about them.  Presente.org did an excellent job not only of reaching out to bloggers before the launch of Bastadobbs.com, but of reaching out to a respected group of pro-migrant community organizations across the U.S.  Combining this with the decision to translate Basta Dobbs into Spanish, and to provide a way for people to text into being a part of the campaign, ensures that the movement to oust Dobbs is truly being built from the ground up.

All of these campaigns incredible.  I'm encouraging everyone to sign up for all of them.  Part of what I try to do as a pro-migrant blogger is to help people cut through all the smoke and mirrors and say it like it is.  That's why I'm throwing my full weight behind the Basta Dobbs campaign and I'm encouraging others to do the same.   

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Roberto said:

Hi, great post - thanks for endorsing the basta Dobbs campaign. Enough is enough.

Great call to action, and I think the fact that the site is provided in Spanish language gives credibility to the cause as well.

Prerna Lal said:

Hi, thanks for this. I think we can talk about this Saturday or on Google Groups and decide if we want to do this over at DA. I am no fan of Lou Dobbs but my way of dealing with hate is to tune it out. I don't watch American news and then I am somewhat of a civil libertarian. I see American news as talk radio -- those who want to tune in to trash talk should have the right to and those who don't, can do something else with their time. I need to be convinced that throwing weight against Lou Dobbs is not a waste of limited resources and energy when that can be used in being more productive i.e. ogling Rachel Maddows. :-)

kyledeb Author Profile Page said:

We should definitely talk about it! If you can't tell I'm already sold, lol.

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